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New concept English/20160630 As one of the most famous English teaching materials in the world, it is well received by the English learners because of its strict system, rigorous scientific and strong interest. New concept English in China has more than 40 years history.

Picture books/20160605 The course is divided into eight levels, 8-10 books for each level. They are designed for 3-12 years old children's English reading needs. This course consists of picture book reading, watching cartoon scene expand learning, key words and sentence structures.

Bedtime stories/20160605 A bedtime story every day can make the children get a good command of English pronunciation. Mom and dad no longer have to worry about the child's sleep problem. Foreign teachers will use his authentic pronunciation and accompany the child to spend a wonderful bedtime.

Cambridge young learners English It starts from the cultivation of young children's English language ability and sense. The curriculum is easy and interesting. It’s too classic to miss.