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Common classes of foreign teachers

  • How can I sign up for Wingokids classes?
  • How many classes per year?
  • Is there a charge for the audition class?
  • Foreign teachers need to pay for the audition
  • What’s the content of the classes?
  • Is there any requirement of the teaching places and materials?
  • There are 3 steps:
    1.Find kids nearby to join a class;
    2.Foreign teachers will teach an audition class at home,;
    3.Sign a contract if you are satisfied at the end.
  • The class consists of home teaching and online courses. 1.5 hour home teaching class once a week, 40 classes per year. 0.5 hour online courses twice a week, 80 courses per year. Total 100 hours of classes per year.
  • 300 yuan for 1 hour audition. If you order our classes, 300 yuan will be refunded.
  • It depends on the number of kids. For example, 15 kids in 1 class cost you 2668yuan per year.
  • Foreign teachers teach at home in all-English environment. Online courses taught by live person.
  • The class can be held anywhere at home. Foreign teachers will take teaching materials with them.